Why You Need a Classroom Management Tool and What to Look for When Choosing One

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In the digital age, technology like laptops, tablets, and other devices are crucial for educators. They enable them to increase classroom efficiency and the effectiveness of their lesson plans while also allowing students the freedom to learn at a pace comfortable to them.

With this in mind, you can’t leave students to their own devices (pun intended), so dependable classroom management software is a must for any digital classroom. While the thought of adding yet another platform to the classroom might sound alarm bells for some, if you know what to look for, finding the right intuitive and helpful classroom management software for your situation is simple. Here are some questions to ask and points to consider:

 Is It Simple to Integrate?

The first step in selecting software for classroom management is to ensure that the IT department will have no trouble getting the system up and running. Many of the best platforms will work seamlessly with the school’s existing framework and install should only take a couple of clicks. If you’ve read that a platform you’re interested in is a pain to install, look elsewhere. A classroom management software can’t help teachers if it can’t be installed. 

Is It Easy to Use?

The last thing any teacher needs is added confusion in their classroom because of a new software tool. Whichever classroom management system you choose, it should be intuitive and easy enough for any teacher, regardless of their technical knowledge, to use. The reality is that even if educators like the features built into the tool and the benefits that it provides to their students and their classroom, if it doesn’t feature an intuitive design or interface, they won’t use it as much as they might have planned to.

Does It Produce Results?

Educators care most about the results that their work delivers. A successful classroom management platform should have features that drive student engagement and improve classroom efficiency rather than hinder it. Your chosen classroom management system should provide features like screen blocking, website blocking, and other tools that can help students avoid distractions on their devices and instead engage with the lesson plan. 

Another feature found in the best classroom management tools is a screen-sharing tool, which largely eliminates the need for devices like an overhead projector. With the press of a button, educators can share their slideshow presentation across their students’ devices, and in some cases, students can do the same as they sharpen their presentation skills in the class. 

The bottom line is that your chosen classroom management platform should make sense and help, not hinder, educators and their students. If it isn't delivering results or being regularly used, then it might not be worth it. Take your time and learn more about the experience of other educators before you make your decision. 

What Is the Support Like?

Finally, you must ensure that you’ll have technical support help when you need it. The best software companies will offer helpful guides and troubleshooting tips online as well as 24/7 customer support where an expert can walk you through solutions and answer any questions.

About Netop

For over three decades, Netop has produced software platforms and solutions that enable businesses and educators to achieve the results they need. Their Vision platform is a classroom management software that provides educators with more control over the technology in their classroom with improved visibility and tools to help boost student engagement. The platform is simple to install, and teachers enjoy using it in their classrooms because it is easy to use and helps improve their efficiency, saving them time and allowing them to focus on educating. Netop’s Vision classroom management software is used by over six million people worldwide and is compatible with Chrome OS and Windows.

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