Vision for Chromebooks: Newest features save you time

Posted by Pam Judge on August 15, 2017 at 10:15 AM
Vision for Chromebooks: the latest features for Back to School
  • Student Web Resource List: Save valuable class time with the resource list guiding students to lesson-related web pages or resources defined in your allow lists. Whenever a student opens a blocked web page while the Filter Web feature is active, the resource list is displayed on the student screen providing quick access to allowed links.
  • Class Messaging: Is a student off-task in the classroom? You can send a message discreetly to a student, group of students, or the entire class – redirecting attention and keeping students on-task. Messages can be sent as a notification or a full-screen message.
  • Classroom Timer: Do you sometimes forget to close Vision at the end of class? Now Vision will automatically close for you. After 45 minutes of inactivity, Vision starts a 5-minute countdown until it stops the current class. To reset the idle timer, press any key, tap anywhere, or move the mouse around.

For more information, read the Release Notes or User Guide.

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