Using Classroom Management Software to Differentiate Education

Posted by Amy Roberts on February 26, 2020 at 3:23 PM

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The same type of education doesn’t work for every student. Each individual has their own needs, the way they process information, and the way they learn. To give students an equitable education, you need to be able to differentiate the resources that are available to them. They need to receive learning materials in a way that will help them learn.

With the addition of technology to the classroom, differentiating education becomes a little easier. 1:1 computers allow teachers to give their students access to more resources than they were able to before. When paired with classroom management software, teachers can meet students’ specific needs.

What is Classroom Management Software?

Classroom management software allows teachers to manage and monitor their students’ devices in real time. Netop Vision includes the features:

  • View Student Screens – See everything your students see on their computers. At a glance, see who is on task and who needs assistance.
  • Share Teacher’s Screens – Facilitate learning by sharing your screen on every student device. No need for projectors and handouts – give everyone a front-row view.
  • Showcase Student – Students can display their screens directly on the other student computers, practicing their presentation skills and enhancing collaboration.
  • Blank Screens – Refocus student attention with the push of a button, locking screens and keyboards.
  • Web Filter – You decide which websites are available or off-limits.
  • Send a message – Redirect a student or give them some extra help.

The features view student screens, share teacher’s screens, web filter, and send a message allow teachers to differentiate education for each of their students and therefor give their students a more equitable education. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features.

View Student Screens

The view student screens features allows you to easily see what your students are doing on their devices. It allows you to quickly identify the students who need a little extra help.

Share Teacher’s Screens

For students with visual impairments, the share teacher screen feature is extremely helpful. It allows students to have a closer look to what teachers are projecting on the board from their computers.

Web Filter

The web filter feature of Vision allows teachers to control what websites their students can be on. Each student has different needs when it comes to resources to complete assignments and with the web filter feature, teachers can keep each student on the websites that are best for them.

Send a Message

The send a message feature allows you to lend extra help to students who need it. You can send some encouragement, ask your student to get back on task, or send a reminder for the assignment they are working on.

Get Started with Netop Vision

Getting started with Vision is easy! Follow the button below to start your free trial and see if Vision is the right solution for you. Our team is happy to help you throughout the whole process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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For more information on classroom management software, check out Common Misconceptions Conceptions About Classroom Management Software

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