Tips for Using Zoom During Remote Learning

Posted by Amy Roberts on June 3, 2020 at 12:53 PM


A lot of teachers are missing in-person interaction with their students. Thankfully with platforms like Zoom, teachers and students can see each other by enabling video conferencing. This tool gives students the ability to interact in a more personal way with their peers.

There are a few different ways that teachers can make zoom easier and a more fun experience both for themselves and their students. Let’s check them out.

Enable Video

Zoom can be used for both audio calls and video calls. By actually enabling the video aspect of zoom, teachers and students can see each other’s faces and at least get somewhat of a sense of normalcy back.

Use Mute If Needed

In the normal day-to-day classroom, everyone talking at once can feel overwhelming. That overwhelming feeling can happen during virtual class time too. With Zoom, you can mute your whole class or specific students. This tool can be used when you need to make a specific point and don’t want anyone else to talk, it can be used to gain students attention, and can help make sure only one student is talking at a time.

Allow for Discussion

While mute can be used for when things are getting rowdy, one of the biggest benefits of Zoom is that it allows for open discussion. Pose questions during class that encourages your students to discuss things with you and with themselves. Open discussion is such an important part of learning and class time.

Schedule Your Class Time Out

Zoom allows you to schedule meetings out ahead of time and send links to participants. Instead of scheduling “meetings” schedule your class discussions out in Zoom and send the links to your students ahead of time. This will help to keep class starting on time.

Talk About Your Agenda

At the beginning of class, talk about the agenda for the day. Making the ground rules and schedule for the day clear will help keep class running smoothly.

Use Zoom’s Breakout Room

If you are having your students work on projects in small groups or if you want small group discussions, use Zoom’s breakout room feature. You can assign students to groups and set up a time limit for how long they will be in their small groups.

Change Your Zoom Background

Zoom allows you to change the background of where you are working from. So instead of seeing your living room, your students can see an image of your choosing. Adding a fun image like a beach or cityscape can be a fun way to grab your student’s attention.

Pair Zoom with Other Virtual Tools

Zoom is just one part of your remote learning tool kit. Adding things like classroom management software, an LMS system, quiz sites, and more can enhance your students’ learning experiences in so many ways.

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