Three reasons your school needs a classroom management solution

Traditionally, managing computers in the classroom involves walking around, verbal instruction, and more walking around. When you turn your back to one group of students to check on another you hope they stay on-task, but sometimes they don’t. What if there was an inexpensive way to keep students on-task and make sure they are working on their assignments and paying attention to the lesson?

Netop Vision provides a real-time view of all student screens. You determine if students are on-task in a glance right from your computer. Easily refocus attention with the click of a button.

Essentially, there are three main benefits of Vision classroom management software:

  1. Save time and make your life easier – You have a lot to manage, and the list keeps growing. By adding Vision to your repertoire, you gain freedom to work more efficiently and get through your lesson plan more quickly with less distractions. The result? Higher student performance and engagement.
  2. Protect students and keep them safe – By monitoring student activities and blocking access to websites, you don’t have to worry that students are on inappropriate websites when you turn your back.
  3. Focus and redirect student attention – The constant distractions of social media and games can easily get students off-task. With Vision, you can take control of student devices, locking student screens and keyboards with one click.

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