Three reasons educators choose Vision for Chromebooks

Improved efficiencies, increased control, and enhanced collaboration are a few of the reasons teachers choose Vision for Chromebooks. Read on to learn more:

Improved Efficiencies – Teachers can do more with less. Set-up won’t take a lot of time. Importing classes is quick – it can be done in few clicks. Vision easily integrates with Google Classroom, providing educators with a complete picture and eliminating the redundancy of creating and managing classes in separate locations.

Increased Control – With Vision, teachers can easily redirect student attention by blanking screens and blocking websites. They can also send a message to students to provide advice or announcements. Learn how Vision puts Teachers in control in this article by Chrome Unboxed.

Enhanced Collaboration – Teachers love it when students can easily follow along with the discussion as lessons are presented on their Chromebooks. Teachers or students can present information to the entire class. This is a great way to maximize discussion time, highlight students’ success, and help students practice their presentation skills.

Ready to use Vision at your school? Try it free.

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