The Pros of Having Technology in the Classroom

Posted by Amy Roberts on November 13, 2019 at 3:17 PM


Technology is being added to classrooms every day. It might seem a little scary at first because it is something new and something that could possibly cause distractions, but the pros of technology greatly outnumber the potential cons. Tech can add so much value to your students’ learning experience and your classroom experience.

Tech Provides a lot of Resources

One of the biggest benefits of tech is the number of resources that it provides. With access to the internet, teachers can provide their students with more access to learning material. From videos to readings and more, the amount of material available is huge.

Allows for Individualized Learning

Having a tech-centered classroom allows for instruction to be adapted to each student’s needs or interests. As mentioned before, having access to tech means having access to more resources. Each student learns differently, so by having more resources you can give students material that works best for their learning styles.

Increases Student Engagement

Today’s students are growing up in the age of technology. So, it makes perfect sense to include technology in the classroom. Because students enjoy using tech so much, they are more engaged in learning when it involves using some kind of tech. One thing that seems to keep students engaged and participating is using tech to gamify whatever lesson you are teaching.

An Uptick of Retention

When students are interested and engaged in what they are learning, there is an uptick in the amount of information that students retain. Because students are more engaged while using technology to learn, they end up remembering more of the lesson.

Tech Encourages Learning of New Skills

Being able to use technology efficiently is one of today’s needed skills. Tech is a part of everyday life and if you don’t know how to use it, it can be confusing. By integrating technology into the classroom, you are preparing your students for a future where they will need to know how to navigate technology.

It Makes Teachers’ Lives Easier

Technology can make teaching easier. You have access to more resources and have an easier way of getting them to your students.

When you add classroom management software to your students’ school-provided devices, you give yourself another set of tools. You can monitor your students’ devices in real-time and see if they are understanding the material they are learning. You can also do things like send them relevant links to scaffold their learning and send them encouraging messages when they need a little extra help. Tech helps you help your students.

To learn more about tech in the classroom, check out 5 Ways Edtech Makes Educators' Lives Easier and  How to Level Up Your 1:1 Device Implementation

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