The Benefits of 1:1 Computing in Schools

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Now more than ever, technology is present in schools.  From online libraries and books to tools that encourage practicing coding and math skills, technology is enhancing the student learning experience. Access to available technology will vary by school district and demographic. The most common types of technology in schools are  1:1 computers, computer carts, and computer labs.

So What is 1:1 Computing?

1:1 computing is where each student in a school is provided with their own laptop, tablet, or iPad for educational purposes. These students are often able to keep their device for the whole year or for their whole educational career at that school. The students do not share their device with others. This differs from other types of technology access where students either have to share the computers that the school provides or have to bring their own personal device from home. In 1:1 computing, iPads and tablets are the most commonly used devices in elementary schools, while in middle schools and high schools, Chromebooks are the most common. 

What are the Benefits of 1:1 Computing?

1:1 computing helps enhance the student's learning experience. When students have their own device, the time it takes the student to get started in class decreases. They do not have to sign into a new device every time they switch classes and all of their work and tools they need are on their own personal device that they carry with them. For teachers, these aspects increase the amount of teaching time they have in a period because they are not waiting as long for their students to get situated.

Students also have more time to work on their own work because they are not waiting to get access to a device. They can get more done in a timely manner and students take a more active role in their own learning because they have more control than they did before.

1:1 computing also means that students can easily access the digital resources the teachers provide and find the information that they need to complete an assignment.

Teachers are also able to deliver more personalized content to their students and encourage digital literacy. With classroom management software, such as Netop Vision, installed on these devices, teachers are able to push specific links to different students based on different needs, and step in when students need some extra help.

Manage 1:1 Computing  

When every student has a computer, teachers need an easy way to supervise student behavior.   With Netop Vision Classroom Management Software,  teachers can ensure students are using their access to digital resources for school work and reduce time spent off-task.   

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