The Benefit of the Whitelist Web Filter

Posted by Amy Roberts on January 29, 2020 at 7:28 PM


Being able to keep students off of the websites you don’t want them on is an important task when it comes to technology in the classroom. Kids tend to get distracted and start to watch videos, check their email, play video games, and complete other various activities. When you have a classroom management software system, you are able to create web filters that help keep your students on track.

There are two types of web filters: a whitelist and a blacklist. Let’s take a look at what each filter does and what the benefits are of using a whitelist.  

What is a Blacklist?

A blacklist is a web filter that consists of websites that students cannot visit. With this type of web filter, teachers have to go in add each website they do not want their students to use.

What is a Whitelist?

Whitelists differ from blacklists because whitelists exist of websites that students can access. Teachers create their whitelist by uploading a list of websites they want their students to stay on while in class.

What is the Benefit of Having a Whitelist Web Filter?

The biggest benefit of having a whitelist web filter is that it helps keep your students on track and on the websites they are supposed to be on.  Whitelist filters save you time in two ways. They reduce the amount of time that you will use to redirect students. They also save you time on creation of the filter when compared to a blacklist. With whitelists, you only have to submit the websites that you want your students to be on, which is a fairly quick process. With the blacklist feature, you have to go in and add every single website you do not want your students to access. Depending on how many websites you don’t want your students on, you could end up wasting a lot of time by blocking each individual site.

Netop’s Web Filter

Netop Vision includes a whitelist web filter in its belt of classroom management tools. It saves you time and helps keep your students focused on their schoolwork. You can try out Vision’s web filter for free by following the button below.  

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