Teacher Appreciation Week: Teachers Shaping a Brighter World with Educational Technology

Posted by Angie Amburgey on May 7, 2018 at 5:41 PM

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we celebrate teachers and their contributions. We are proud to support educators who work to create a better world. We asked a few of these educators what they like best about teaching. Read on to learn how these teachers are shaping a brighter future with educational technology.


Alice ChenAlice Chen teaches English Language Arts and is also a Technology Coach at Walnut Valley Unified School District in Walnut, CA. “Having access to digital tools has given my students authentic learning experiences that are truly invaluable,” says Alice. “Because I believe my classroom should be a gateway to the world, I have my students regularly practice these skills in my curriculum: research, inquiry, communication, creativity and collaboration.”

Alice’s students write blogs, create content, and participate in online discussions. “One medium that lends itself to global collaboration is world blogging. All my students have their own blogs, and this genre has enabled them to discover their voice and uncover a true love of writing. They are no longer writing just for their teacher. They are now writing for themselves and their peers,” she says.

Students in Alice’s classes create content using a variety of media such as presentations, websites, videos and digital posters. They also participate in online discussions to express their ideas or defend their arguments. “I love nothing more than to see my students take pride in what they have created and for them to surpass even their own expectations, states Alice.

Walnut Valley teachers use Vision to keep students on-task while using Chromebooks and Windows devices. Their favorite features include Blank Student Screens, Block and Filter Web; and Share Screens. 


Gloiria 2

Gloria Flemming teaches web and digital design classes at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia. She is passionate about teaching with technology and empowering students. Gloria’s favorite aspects of teaching include:

  • Knowing that she’s preparing students for the real world outside of the classroom.
  • Seeing the faces of the students light up when they have grasped a concept or understand what was taught.
  • Reaching a student who at first wasn't interested but later lets her know that he or she is glad to have taken the class.

Gloria uses Vision to view all student screens and redirect attention as needed – keeping students focused. The Blank Student Screens function is one of her favorite features. She also enjoys sharing her screen to walk the entire class through project details, eliminating the need for a projector.


Phyllis King teaches Business Finance and IT Education at Lumberton Junior High in Lumberton, North Carolina. An innovator in the classroom, she was recently nominated for the Bechtel Dream Big Innovative Educator Award for North Carolina.Phyllis

Phyllis loves to teach with technology and teach her students how to create innovative projects with technology. "I believe in creating opportunities for all students regardless of where they come from or who they are. I love it when they walk out of the room excited about what they have learned that day," she says.

Phyllis has used Vision to monitor her classroom and help improve learning outcomes for 16 years. A few of her favorite ways to enhance student learning while using technology include:

  • Using Vision to enhance collaboration and learning while protecting students by monitoring activity and blocking input and websites.
  • Letting students be the instructor by sharing their screen with the entire class – fine-tuning their presentation skills.
  • Putting a picture of herself on the screen with the Blank Screen function. "It really gets their attention," she says.

Thank you to Alice, Gloria, Phyllis and all of the educators we work with across the globe for the important work you do every day to help shape a better world. This week we celebrate you!


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