Quick Tip: Easing the Introduction of New Technology

Posted by Amy Roberts on July 1, 2019 at 1:07 PM


We all know that introducing new technology to someone can be a little daunting. Now add introducing new technology to a group of people who are trying to teach and manage a whole lot of young humans. Teachers already have a hard enough time teaching all of their students, keeping their classrooms from turning into total chaos, and continuing their own professional development. So, when some teachers are hesitant to adopt new technology into their classrooms that they need to learn themselves, you can’t really blame them.

Even though getting teachers to integrate a new technology can be a little difficult, it is worth it, especially if it is a piece of technology that will make their lives a whole lot easier. Classroom management software is one of those pieces of technology that is worth it in the long run. With classroom management software, teachers are able to monitor their students' devices in real time and they are able to scaffold their students learning through the various other tools. One of the easiest ways to introduce a new piece of technology to a school is to introduce it through a pilot program.

What Exactly is a Pilot Program?

A pilot program is where you introduce a piece of technology to a small group of people at a time. You let them try the technology out, learn how to use the technology, and then you get the groups feedback. Once the group is happy with the piece of technology and are using it successfully, you introduce the piece of technology to a larger number of people. The original pilot group encourages new people to try the piece of technology and helps them learn how to use it.

Why do Pilot Programs Work?

Pilot programs work because they are all about easing in a new piece of technology to a large group rather than making everyone start using the technology at once. The pilot group is able to test the technology and then advocate on its behalf. Pilot programs are great for schools because if a small group of teachers enjoys the new piece of technology, they are going to talk about it with their fellow teachers, which encourages the other teachers to embrace the technology as well. There is less resistance to incorporating something new in a classroom when other teachers are showing their peers that it works for them.

Try Vision with a Pilot Program

If you are wanting to give Vision a shot, we highly encourage you to try it out with a pilot program. The best part? Trying Vision is free!

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