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Posted by Matt Hall on February 19, 2020 at 3:36 PM


As humans, we all have different values. Different situations and upbringings have shaped what each of us considers important. Just like individuals, most companies have values that they strive to live up to. Our company’s values keep us focused on helping our customers.

At Netop, we value having a customer-centric company, striving for simplicity, and delivering value to our customers.


When you work for or own a company, you are serving a customer in some aspect or another. But what does it mean to have a company that is customer-centric? It means that the company thinks about the customer in every aspect of their business. From product development to sales and marketing, or support, the customer is taken into consideration every step of the way.

At Netop, we strive to put our customers first. Addressing our customers’ needs, satisfaction, and experience is extremely important to us. We design our classroom management software so it fits what our customers need and want.


Simplicity is important, especially given the hectic pace that teachers face each day. When we say we value simplicity, we mean that we value having a product that is simple, easy, and intuitive to use. A product that teachers can pick up and start using right away to manage their 1:1 classroom.

Teachers can integrate Vision into their classrooms with little need for time spent learning how to use the software. The simple one-click functionality of the features allows teachers to spend time focusing on what they should be, their students, rather than managing software.

Delivering Value

When a company creates a product, they want a product that sells. The best companies, however, know that a product that delivers value to their customers will perform the best. We want Vision to be a product that teachers want to use because it helps make the teaching process easier and enhances learning for their students.

With Vision’s features, teachers get precious time back. They can pass out resources electronically, keep their students locked on specific websites, and can easily differentiate materials for their students.

Vision gives students more opportunities for equitable learning. Features like send a message, push a link, and demo the teachers’ screen allow students to receive extra help when they need it.

Where Do Our Values Lead?

When each of our employees follow these values, Netop can create and improve upon classroom management software that is easy to use, proactive, and improves the learning outcomes of students. We continually strive to uphold these values and thus improve how we serve our customers.

A-List of Vision’s Features

As we mentioned above, it is our goal to provide teachers with a classroom management software system that saves teachers time and improves students’ learning experiences.  Our one-click features make that possible! Vision includes:

  • View Student Screens – See everything your students see on their computers. At a glance, see who is on task and who needs assistance.
  • Share Teacher’s Screens – Facilitate learning by sharing your screen on every student device. No need for projectors and handouts – give everyone a front-row view.
  • Showcase Student – Students can display their screens directly on the other student computers, practicing their presentation skills and enhancing collaboration.
  • Blank Screens – Refocus student attention with the push of a button, locking screens and keyboards.
  • Web Filter – You decide which websites are available or off-limits.
  • Send a message – Redirect a student or give them some extra help.

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