Netop Vision Version 9.5 for Windows and 9.6 for Mac now available

Netop Vision Version 9.5 (Windows) and 9.6 (Mac) are now available.

NEW – Vision for Windows:

  • Remember Classroom Layout: any changes made to the classroom layout will be remembered.
  • Support for the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox: Web blocking and filtering are supported on the latest browsers.
  • Other enhancements include: faster file transfer, VDI Device Identifier (Virtual Machine), and improved Open Enrollment options.

Learn more: Release Notes for Netop Vision 9.5 Windows. 

NEW – Vision for Mac:

  • Multiple Monitors: choose which screen to demo.
  • Support for silent deployment: you can now silently deploy Vision for Mac on student devices.
  • New Attention Overlay Graphics: new “Blank Screen.”
  • Additional features included with this release: Showcase student screens, Live view, Shut down or restart student computers, etc.

Learn more: Release Notes for Netop Vision 9.6 Mac.

Netop Vision customers with active Netop Advantage Program:

  • Netop Vision and Vision Pro customers with a current Netop Advantage agreement are eligible to upgrade to the new version at no additional cost.
  • Your Netop Advantage license contact will receive a new license key.

Netop Vision customers without current Netop Advantage Program:

  • If you are using Netop Vision Version 8.5 or 9.0 and you have not renewed your Netop Advantage Program, you are able to upgrade to the latest version for only 50% of the license cost. This includes one full year of the Netop Advantage Program.
  • Customers using older versions or without a valid Netop Advantage Program can purchase an upgrade and obtain a new license key to install and run the latest version. Request a quote.