Netop Vision: the Classroom Management Software I Wish I Had When I Was a teacher

Posted by Angie Amburgey on October 5, 2017 at 2:00 PM


Looking back on my first year as a teacher, I felt inadequate. I was still a raw teacher at that time, since it was my first time to teach Technical Communication. I was aware that there were better teachers out there, so I thought I also had to be better not just in delivering lessons, but also in classroom management

Teaching a class of 25 students of mixed ages - from 20s to 50s in a room with 1:1 computer deployment for six hours was quite a challenge at that time. I was assigned to handle two classes of students from various IT companies for the first two semesters. The students included seasoned managers, software developers, young entrepreneurs, and network infrastructure directors. Others were just about to launch their professional careers.

Before the first day of classes started, I had a vision of what I wanted to be: thoughtful but strict. I wanted to be a teacher who is “cool” and accommodating to mixed types of learners, but I also wanted my students to be accountable for their behavior in the classroom. While my teaching style worked for the most part I also noticed that my “cool but strict” demeanor wasn’t that effective in class.

Their attention span was too short for a 45-minute lesson. I gave assignments they needed to do using their computers after each lesson, but the allotted time wasn’t being wisely spent working on their assignments. Some students would visit social media sites or play online games. As I walked around to check their progress by looking at their screens, some would simply switch browser tabs or pages, just to show me that they were actively working.

In one particular class, I had to raise my voice to refocus the students attention and remind them of the rules on browsing the internet. This was even pointless, since their computers were always connected to the internet during class and they always had the chance to go back to Facebook and other websites. While they appreciated learning new things in my class, I was struggling to know how to be more effective in dealing with their behavior. Google Drive was useful for real time work and submission, but classroom management would have made it even easier to control student behavior and improve performance.

At first, I thought that software has not existed yet, until I found out about Netop Vision, a classroom management software designed to help teachers refocus student attention and monitor the progress of each and every device students use in class. Such a brilliant way to check on your students without having to walk around the room! To my shame, I wasn’t even aware that there are several companies out there producing this kind of software. It’s easy to use and install  and pricing is quite affordable.  Based on its user guides, Vision is designed to make teaching with computers much easier as it requires less work from IT Admin who might be busy juggling policies for hundreds of devices at schools. Teaching time is also maximized, since the features can be easily applied to all student computers in just a few clicks.

Vision allows freezing of keyboards, blanking screens, temporarily blocking sites that commonly distract or harm students, sharing teacher screens, turning on and off computers with timers set at the end of the class, and all other awesome features teachers would need in the classroom.

Had I known about Vision during my time first year of teaching, I would have been more efficient in addressing student challenges.

Click here to try Vision free.

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