Make the Switch to Vision Classroom Management Software: Easy-to-Use Chromebook Monitoring Tools

Posted by Angie Amburgey on October 22, 2018 at 4:29 PM

Is your school’s classroom management software so difficult to use that it requires teachers to be tech wizards, or go through elaborate training just to use a few features?Class

Say good-bye to complicated software and hello to easy-to-use Chromebook monitoring tools designed for teachers. Vision's one-click functionality saves time for both teachers and IT staff.

Teachers get the control features they need to keep students safe and on-task:

  • Monitor student screens - Live view of all student activity.
  • Blank student screens - Stop inappropriate activity with one click.
  • Push URL - Send all students to the same website while blocking all other sites.

Information Technology staff save time and reduce their workload:

  • Automatic integration to Google Classroom.
  • Less time required for teacher training and on-boarding.
  • Reduced requests for web filtering as teachers can create custom web filters for each class.

Ready to learn more?

Try Vision Free

How much time will your school save? Watch this short video to learn more: 

MAR-471 Videos - Give Teachers back an hour a day_20180924-1


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