Make the switch to Vision classroom management software: Easy-to-use Chromebook monitoring tools

Is your school’s classroom management software so difficult to use that it requires teachers to be tech wizards, or go through elaborate training just to use a few features?AM-1990-Halloween blog post-1

Say good-bye to complicated software and hello to easy-to-use Chromebook monitoring tools designed for teachers. Vision's one-click functionality saves time for both teachers and IT staff.

Teachers get the control features they need to keep students safe and on-task:

  • Monitor student screens - Live view of all student activity.
  • Blank student screens - Stop inappropriate activity with one click.
  • Push URL - Send all students to the same website while blocking all other sites.

Information Technology staff save time and reduce their workload:

  • Automatic integration to Google Classroom.
  • Less time required for teacher training and onboarding.
  • Reduced requests for web filtering as teachers can create custom web filters for each class.

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How much time will your school save? Watch this short video to learn more: 


Ask any educator what they wish for more of. “Time” is bound to be one of their first answers.

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