Join Us at the Amplified IT Technical Retreat

Netop Vision is a proud sponsor of the Amplified IT Technical Retreats in Loveland, Ohio on January 31 and Englewood, Colorado on February 6. Join us at either retreat and learn about Chromebook device implementation and management.


What Exactly Can I Expect at the Retreat? 

Information On Chrome Device Selection and Deployment
-Current models, features, and how to enroll and provision efficiently at scale.

Details on Chrome Management
-Deep dives into User and Device settings with a focus on K-12 best practices. Which settings are best suited for 1 to 1 deployments versus shared devices and what the effect will be on your staff and students.

The In's and Out's of Extended Features and Use Cases
-How to convert old PC and Mac systems into Chrome devices to breath new life and control into them.  Digital Signage on Chrome, Kiosk mode for standardized testing, and accessibility for younger students.  

Group Collaboration
-Hear from your colleagues and cohorts about tips and tricks, struggles and successes around implementing Chrome, and Chrome devices in education.

More About Vision 

Netop Vision Classroom Management Software allows you to easily monitor and modify student activity on Chrome, Windows and Mac. Keep students on-task by viewing student activity in real-time and redirecting attention with one click. With six million users worldwide, Vision helps teachers enhance learning and keep students safe.

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