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Posted by Amy Roberts on September 10, 2019 at 9:59 AM

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Imagine being able to see what your students are doing on their 1:1 devices and being able to keep them on track with the help of one application. Vision 365 allows teachers and schools who use Windows 10 with Office 365 Authentication on their 1:1 devices to monitor what their students are doing on their devices in real time, as well as improve their students’ learning experience through link and resource sharing, web filtering, and more.

Features Included in Vision 365

  • View Student Screens – See everything your students see on their computers. At a glance, see who is on task and who needs assistance.
  • Share Teacher’s Screens – Facilitate learning by sharing your screen on every student device. No need for projectors and handouts – give everyone a front row view.
  • Showcase Student – Students can display their screens directly on the other student computers, practicing their presentation skills and enhancing collaboration.
  • Blank Screens – Refocus student attention with the push of a button, locking screens and keyboards. 
  • Web Filter – You decide which websites are available or off-limits.


Why Use Classroom Management Software?

Classroom management software makes a teacher’s life easier and saves them time. It streamlines technology use in the classroom and helps keep your students on task. With Classroom Management Software like Vision 365, you will be able to see what your students are doing on their devices, keep them on track, and scaffold their learning.

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