Increase the security of your network by blocking websites at the classroom level

It’s more important now than ever to keep your network safe. As the number of cyber incidents continues to rise, even major credit bureaus like Equifax are getting hacked. Viruses and malware wreak havoc on your systems. You need to keep your school and district safe.

On the backend, IT is blocking dangerous and unapproved websites, but they can’t block them all. The more sites that students have access to, the more likely they will stumble upon a site that will compromise their computer with a virus, malware or malicious link.

What if there was a way to select a handful of websites to be used in your class, while blocking the rest? With the Netop Vision filter web feature, you can create a customized list of approved websites to be used for the day, week or month, while blocking everything else. You can even individualize the filter for each class, creating a custom list of websites that is auto-saved for each class.

For instance, I recently talked with a teacher in South Carolina who wants to block YouTube in her classroom. At the district-level YouTube is an approved website because it is helpful in certain classes.  However, in her instance, it is a distraction that she would like to block. She was excited to discover that with Vision, she could create a list of allowed websites for her class, excluding YouTube and other sites that are a distraction to learning. This could be the three to five websites that are relevant to the curriculum for that day, or week, that she knows are safe. Any unapproved websites will be blocked. This will help her keep students on-task and safe in her classroom.

By creating a filter of allowed websites, or “white list,” a teacher has full control of the classroom, utilizing student computers to enhance learning, rather than detract from it. This saves teachers time and makes their lives easier.

Netop Vision classroom management software is used in 8,000+ school systems worldwide. It is an affordable solution to enhance learning and increase security while using technology in the classroom. The filter web feature is available for all Netop Vision products. Choose from Vision for Chromebooks or Vision Pro for Windows and/or Mac. Try it free for 30 days or attend a webinar to learn more.

If you have any comments on how you are keeping students safe at your school or district we would love to hear from you! Our mission is to work collaboratively with schools to optimize learning with technology while keeping students' safe and on-task.

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