How Web Filters Help Keep Your Students Safe

Posted by Amy Roberts on July 15, 2020 at 11:50 AM

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School will be back in session before we know it. Whether your school is going back to the physical classroom, doing distance learning, or some kind of hybrid, do you know how you are going to keep your students safe on their school-provided devices?

One option to help keep your students safe on their devices is to use a web filter. Let’s dig into what exactly a web filter is and how it helps keep students safe.

What is a Web Filter?

A web filter allows schools to block their students from seeing specific content that they deem necessary on school-provided devices.

Blocking Harmful and Inappropriate Content

Web filters keep students safe because they allow educators to block inappropriate content. There is a lot of content available on the internet that is not safe for students to view. Keeping students safe from inappropriate content is a major goal of many educators. When schools install a web filter, they can block students from viewing:

  • Graphic images
  • Harmful content
  • Social media
  • Chat sites
  • And more

By being able to block the above, educators can spend more time focusing on the lesson at hand and less time worrying that their students are viewing harmful content online.

Vision Student Safety

Vision has recently released Vision Safety, an affordable and reliable content filtering tool for Chromebooks.  It keeps students safe online, both in the physical classroom and during distance learning. Vision Student Safety is:

  • Is CIPA Compliant – Providing worry-free protection against offensive online content.
  • Provides Remote Protection – Your distance or remote learning programs are safe and secure.
  • Is Simple to Set Up – Any admin on your google account can set up Vision student safety in minutes.
  • Is Cloud-Based – There are no up-front costs for hardware. It proves more flexibility and scalability.
  • Provides Browsing Activity (Available Fall 2020) – See websites students visited during class sessions.
  • Provides Contextual Analysis (Available Early 2021) – This is AI-powered, with real-time protection.

Learn More About Vision Student Safety

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