How to Use Netop’s Vision to Redirect Off-Task Behavior and Keep Classrooms Focused

Posted by Contributor on October 8, 2019 at 2:17 PM

Students on Computers

Everyone goes off task sometimes. Students can be prone to distraction and sometimes struggle with focus for a variety of reasons. With the right tools it’s easy to help your students and keep them engaged. Netop’s Vision software for classroom management provides teachers with an advanced suite of tools to monitor progress, remove distractions, and redirect off-task behavior.

Time Management

Many students struggle with time management and distractions in the classroom. Netop’s Vision gives you tools for classroom management that help to identify which students might need assistance with their time-management skills.

The classroom management software allows you to monitor each student’s screen to see how quickly they are progressing with an assignment. If their screen has not changed compared to other students, they might be struggling. This is useful for identifying students who may need additional help and for correcting off-task behavior.

Once you have identified who is distracted from the task at hand, you can send a message directly to their screen, discreetly letting them know they should get back on task. With a few presses of a button, you can also blank and lock the entire class’s screens, focusing their attention back on you and preventing them from veering off task on their 1:1 devices while you’re talking or leading a group discussion.

Browsing the Internet

The internet has so many tempting distractions, and most school filters use a block list. The trouble with a block list is that it’s impossible to individually add each and every distracting website. While students could be watching videos on YouTube or posting to social media, if those sites are blocked, there are others that students will find. Vision has the ideal tool to combat this: site filter allow lists.

These web filters are entirely customizable, with an allow list instead of a block list of sites, and work in conjunction with any filter the school already has in place. Students are only allowed to visit the websites you set in the allow list, which can be assigned to the entire class. By sharing the approved websites with the class, teachers can help empower their students to stay on task and provide helpful resources for the assignment at hand.

Off task behavior

Talking During Lectures

Sometimes students are just having a high-energy day. They might be distracted by their neighbors or by something going on in their lives, causing them to talk during your lectures. In some instances, students may not be able to see the whiteboard and thus start drifting off task, perhaps pulling a neighbor into a conversation. To alleviate this issue, Vision classroom management software makes it simple to push your screen to the entire class, giving every student a virtual front-row seat to the presentation. This also locks their device, providing access only to what is being shown from your screen, which can help redirect attention as needed. Additionally, when it’s time to do the assignment, you can push a URL to every device, opening the site automatically to jump-start learning. Vision classroom management software can help educators redirect off-task behavior, increase classroom engagement, encourage collaboration, and aid learning.

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