How to Use Classroom Management Software to Lend Extra Support to Students

Posted by Amy Roberts on June 26, 2019 at 11:17 AM

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When we are talking to teachers, they tell us the feature they love the most about Vision is that they can monitor what their students are doing on their devices. Being able to see what students are doing on their devices is definitely important because it helps teachers see who is on task and who isn’t, and then the teacher is able to redirect their student. But classroom management software isn’t just for monitoring students. It can be used for so much more than that.

There are students in your classes that need extra help. Classroom management can help with you that. With the help of classroom management software, you can easily lend extra support to students who need it.

Giving Your Students the Resources They Need

When you are teaching your lessons, some students need more resources than others. Using classroom management software like Vision, you are able to personalize what resources you are giving your students. You can send your whole class the same URL to go to or send individual students personalized ones.

Filter Their Web Access

Some students need less access to the internet and that is okay. With classroom management software you are able to select which websites are available and which ones are off limits. You can lock down all of your students' web access or just lock down the few that need those extra limitations.

Share Your Screen

Have a student that has a hard time seeing the board? Classroom management can help with that too. With a few simple clicks, you can push your screen to your student’s so they are not straining their eyes trying to see the board.

Send Messages

Being able to redirect your students without calling attention to them from the rest of the class is extremely important. If you are using classroom management software, you are able to send a private message to a student and ask them to get back to work. You can also use the message feature to send some encouraging words.

Start Supporting Your Students

If your students are using school-provided devices, it is time to start supporting their learning with classroom management software. You can try Vision for free!

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