How to Talk to Your Students About Classroom Management Software

Posted by Amy Roberts on May 8, 2019 at 10:13 AM

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There is no doubt that classroom management software makes it easier for teachers to manage their students’ devices. It makes it possible for teachers to view their students’ screens, share their own screens, pause devices, and so much more. But this added benefit of ease for the teachers doesn’t come without some initial hesitation from the students.

When students first hear that classroom management software is going onto their school provided devices, they tend to get a little antsy because they don’t want their privacy taken away. The older the students, the more hesitant they are going to be. With a little explaining, students begin to realize that classroom management software is for their own benefit and all of their privacy isn’t being taken away. It can be a bit of touchy subject at first, so let’s go over the ways to make it easier.

Let Them Know the Software is Coming

Maybe your school has already deployed 1:1 devices or maybe they are coming to your school in the near future. In either case, you need to be totally upfront with your students about the fact that classroom management software IS going to be a thing that is going to be on their devices. Transparency is key. The minute your students think you are trying to hide something from them is the minute they become upset and start fighting it. 

Talk About the Actual Device Monitoring 

You being able to see your students screens is generally the issue that most students have with classroom management software. Because after all, they want to be able to do whatever they want on their computers without their teachers witnessing it. But of course, it is class and students need to be working, so explain to them that their devices are meant to be used for classwork while in class. As soon as the student is out of your class, you can’t see what they are doing on their computers.  So, they can rest assured that you are not monitoring them at home.

Explain the Other Tools That are Beneficial

The screen monitoring tool is cool and all, but the other tools in classroom management software are just as rad. These ones come with less hesitation from students. One of the coolest aspects of Netop Vision is being able to push links and files out to your students. E-files means less to carry. Students will be happy that they don’t have to keep track of as much.

Another really awesome feature is that you are able to share your screen with your students’ screens. For kids with vision problems, this takes away the issues caused from having to look up at the board. 

Getting Started with Classroom Management Software 

You can’t gauge how your students are going to react to classroom management software without actually testing it out and using it. Netop offers a free trial of Vision so teachers can see if it something that fits into their classes well, and we are always ready to answer your questions if you need any help.

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