How to Talk to Parents About Classroom Management Software

Posted by Amy Roberts on March 4, 2020 at 3:14 PM

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As teachers, IT staff and administrators, we all know that classroom management software plays an important role in the classroom. It helps teachers keep their class on task, scaffold their students learning, and make their own time more efficient. Students can sometimes become apprehensive when it comes to classroom management software. As a result, sometimes the students’ parents can be apprehensive when it comes to the software as well.

Earlier we covered how to talk to your students about classroom management software. Today, we are going to cover the other half and explain how to talk to your students’ parents about classroom management software.

Explain What Classroom Management Software Does 

The very first step is to explain exactly what classroom management software is. Some parents may have a general idea of what classroom management software is, but they probably don’t have a full understanding of what each feature does.

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Back the Feature up with the Reasoning Behind It

As educators, we know why each piece of classroom management software is important, but parents may not understand. Because the parents of your students are not in the classroom, they may not understand the full scope of what technology in the classroom looks like. Explaining the benefits of each feature will help make parents feel more secure about classroom management software being on the devices that their students use.

Explain the Overall Benefit of Classroom Management Software

Parents want what’s best for their kids. The easiest way to get students’ parents on board with classroom management software is by explaining the overall benefit it plays in their students’ education. Classroom management software allows teachers to scaffold their students learning and give their students more resources than they were able to before.

Explain how Classroom Management Software is Only Used at School

Some parents worry that classroom management software will be used to monitor their kids’ devices when they are at home. Vision’s classroom management software only monitors students’ devices when they are in the classroom. Giving parents this reassurance will help them become more supportive of the use of classroom management software on their students' school-provided devices.

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