How to Limit Students' Web Access

Posted by Amy Roberts on February 12, 2020 at 2:27 PM


Being able to give students access to technology can do wonders for their education. Technology keeps students engaged and gives them more access to resources. But when you put technology in the hands of students, they can stray off task. Thankfully when your students are using school-provided devices, you can keep them on task using classroom management software.

Software, like Netop Vision, allows you to limit students' web access and keep them only on the websites that you want them to stay on.

Whitelist Web Filters

Time is extremely valuable, especially when you are a teacher with a classroom full of students. When you use a whitelist web filter you can create a list of the websites that you want your students on. It is more efficient than using a blacklist filter to block all the websites you do not want your students on. Vision includes a whitelist web filter.

How to Limit Web Access with a Whitelist Web Filter

Creating a whitelist through the Vision portal is quick and easy!



To learn more about how to keep your students on task, check out What is Classroom Management in a Digital Environment and 5 Classroom Management Tips to Take with You into the New School Year

Keep Your Students on Track with Netop Vision

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