How to Level up Your 1:1 Device Implementation

Posted by Amy Roberts on September 24, 2019 at 3:15 PM

Students on 1:1 devices

So, your district has decided to roll out 1:1 devices for your students. Congrats! The adaption of technology in the classroom is a great progression. Providing 1:1 devices increase your students’ learning experience in so many ways. For instance, 1:1 devices increases accessibility, encourage participation, and provide more resources.

While implementing 1:1 devices for your students is extremely exciting, it also can be a little overwhelming. To make it less daunting, let’s take a look at what you need to consider during the implementation process.

Device Selection and Management

One of the first things that you need to consider when getting ready to implement 1:1 devices is device selection and management. Take time to think about exactly what kind of device are you going to implement. Are Chromebooks or Windows devices more fitting for your district? What kind of features do you need?

When thinking about devices, you need to think about the battery life of the device, the warranty offer, and the available insurance. What kind of battery life does your district need for their devices and what devices can provide that? What is the warranty offer like? How can you protect these devices and protect yourself from loss?

Teacher Support

It is extremely important to support your teachers when you are implementing new devices into their classrooms. Having technology in their classrooms may be a new experience for them, so you need to make it as least stressful as possible.

Train your tech team so they are experts on the new devices you are rolling out and encourage some teachers to be super users that help their peers out. They need an ally on their side that has gone through the same experience they are facing. 

Student Management

Before actually giving your students the devices, think about a plan for student management. At some point or another, students are going to either forget their devices or damage them, so you need to have a loaner program in place. Of course, you want to encourage students to be mindful with their devices, so it is also important to come up with a way to incentivize students to do this.

We all have those students that decide they would rather play games on their devices than do schoolwork. Having a plan to combat off-task behavior before students’ have devices in their hands will save teachers a lot of time. Classroom management software can mitigate the number of students who are of task during class.

Make Implementation Easy

When changing something up in a school, you want to make it as easy as possible on leaders, teachers, and students. By planning ahead of time, you will make the process a whole lot easier. We have expanded on our tips above in a simple checklist. Download it for FREE by following the button below.

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To learn more about 1:1 devices in classrooms, check out The Benefits of 1:1 Computing in Schools

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