How to Lend Extra Support with Classroom Management During Remote Learning

Posted by Amy Roberts on May 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM


Students sometimes need extra help during class time. This extra help can come in the form of providing additional resources, adapting existing resources, and more. During remote learning, your students’ need for extra help may increase because they are no longer getting in-person instruction and interaction. Classroom management software helps bridge the gap between students, teachers, and technology by providing a way for teachers to lend extra help to their students during distance learning.

Helping Students Stay Focused

Everyone gets distracted, it’s just a natural part of life. One of the challenges that teachers have is helping their students stay on track during class time. With classroom management software, you can keep students on task with the use of a web filter. Vision’s allow list web filter allows you to lock down your students’ browsers to only the sites you want them on. It eliminates the possibility of students browsing other sites during class time and going off-task.

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Send a Message

There are times when students need redirection or some extra words of encouragement. Vision’s send a message tool allows teachers to select one or multiple students and send them a quick phrase or two. Sending a quick message is also a great way to connect with your students when you can’t be with them in person.


There are a variety of different resources that teachers use every day in their classrooms. A lot of times, teachers have to vary what resources they give to each of their students to be able to meet each student’s individual needs. Vision allows teachers to send out links to one, multiple, or all of their students at once.

Sharing Your Screen

Not everyone learns the same, so just listening to instruction during remote learning can make it really difficult for some students to learn. Being able to share your screen onto your students' screens allows you to provide an extra way students can digest information.

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