How to Keep Your Students Safe During Remote Learning

Posted by Amy Roberts on September 16, 2020 at 2:40 PM
Keeping students safe has always been a big priority for educators. Now that distance and hybrid learning are a major part of our education system, it is a lot harder to make sure that students are being safe while using technology because teachers are not physically in the classroom with their students anymore. 
Thankfully, there are ways to help make keeping your students safe on their devices during remote learning easier. They include teaching about digital literacy and internet safety, installing a student safety web filter, and using classroom management software. Let’s take a further dive into each.  
Teach Digital Literacy and Internet Safety
Technology and the internet provide awesome ways to enhance the learning experience, but they also come with their dangers. To keep your students safe online, your students need to know about how the internet works and how to interact appropriately with the resources that the internet provides. Teach them about how to avoid harmful content, about how to keep themselves safe from outside people who are on the internet with them, and teach them about their digital footprint.
Install a Student Safety Web Filter
Student safety web filters make keeping your students safe on their devices during remote learning a whole lot easier. They allow you to block harmful content from your students’ school-provided devices. Vision Student Safety is the new reliable, affordable web content filtering for Chromebooks. Vision Student Safety:
• Is CIPA Compliant – Providing worry-free protection against offensive online content.
• Provides Remote Protection – Your distance or remote learning programs are safe and secure.
• Is Simple to Set Up – Any admin on your google account can set up Vision student safety in minutes.
• Is Cloud-Based – There are no up-front costs for hardware. It proves more flexibility and scalability.
• Provides Browsing Activity (Available Fall 2020) – See websites students visited during class sessions.
• Provides Contextual Analysis (Available Early 2021) – This is AI-powered, with real-time protection.
Use Classroom Management Software 
Adding classroom management software to your tech tool belt will help you monitor and manage your students’ devices in real-time. With classroom management software like Vision, you can see what each of your students is doing on their devices. If they are off task or are viewing something inappropriate, you can re-direct your students by using the blank screen, push a link, or send a message features. 
Try Vision Student Safety 

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