How to Keep Your Students from Cheating

Posted by Amy Roberts on March 11, 2020 at 4:36 PM

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Cheating while in the classroom is a concern that many teachers face. Not all students cheat or attempt to, but some will try. As educators, we try and put precautions in place that keep students from cheating.

When the classroom changes to include technology, the precautions that we put in place need to be adapted to fit the technological space. Let’s take a look at how you can keep your students from cheating in the digital classroom.

What is Different About a Digital Classroom

When you add computers to the classroom, test-taking can shift from on paper to on the devices themselves. Which means the way students cheat while taking tests morph. Of course, there is the typical act of students looking over their peers’ shoulders, but there are also students cheating digitally. Students may cheat by sharing answers with their friends over email and by searching for the answers on the internet.

How Do You Keep Students from Cheating?

So how do you keep students from cheating in a digital environment? The first step is to make sure rules and consequences are set in place. Having these planned out and communicated to your students will make it less likely for students to cheat.

The second step in preventing your students from cheating is to install classroom management software on your student devices. Classroom management software allows teachers to manage and monitor student screens in real-time. Netop Vision has two features that help teachers prevent their students from cheating. The first being the monitoring feature and the second being the web filter feature.

Screen Monitoring

The screen monitoring feature included with Vision allows teachers to monitor their students’ devices in real-time. So, when students are taking a test, they can glance at thumbnails of their students’ screens to make sure that they are only on the site that the test is being taken on. 

Web Filter

Vision also allows teaches to create an allow list web filter. With the web filter, teachers can lock their students down to only the website that the test is on. When students try to stray off of the website, their screens are locked, and they are redirected back to the appropriate website.

Get Started with Classroom Management Software

Installing classroom management software onto your students’ devices will help teachers prevent cheating in the digital environment. By following the button below, teachers and schools can try Vision out to see if it works for them.

Try Vision for FREE

To learn more about classroom management software, check out Classroom Management Software Isn't Just for Monitoring Screens.

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