How to Keep Your Students Focused on the Lesson at Hand

Posted by Amy Roberts on March 28, 2019 at 8:43 AM



Keeping students on task and focused can be a real struggle. Trust us, we feel you and we hear you. With the incorporation of computers and smart devices, the problems are not going away. They are just morphing, and students are getting sneakier. Doodling in notebooks has turned into browsing the internet and passing paper notes has turned to chatting in a google doc. 

So how do teachers combat this problem? It isn’t as hard as you might think it is. Adding a classroom management software system to the teachers’ and students’ devices can help the teacher keep the students focused on the task at hand. Let’s delve into the ways you can keep students on task.

Keep Students Aware and Accountable

First and foremost, you need to let your students know that you can see what they are doing on their computers. Students simply knowing this little fact reduces the probability of them goofing off and not doing their school work. When you see a student not on task, simply send them a quick message through the software asking them to redirect their attention.

With Netop Vision, you can see all of the students’ screens at once through thumbnails on their screen. This makes it easy and convenient to keep track of all of your students at once. Some teachers even pop these thumbnails onto their projector so the students can keep track of each other. Talk about accountability!

If all of Your Class is Losing Focus, Redirect Them

It isn’t uncommon for a section of your class or the whole class to lose focus at once. Luckily you can redirect all of their attention with a simply click of a button. Using the blank screen function causes all activity on computers to cease and asks for students to direct their attention to you. 

Have Your Lessons Planned Out and Handouts Ready to Go

Having your lessons planned out ahead of time will be a big help in keeping your students on task. With everything ready to go, your students won’t be waiting for you and they will have an easier time focusing. Turning your handouts into e-handouts and being able to push them to all of your students at once will give your students the resources before the students actually need them. Which is another way of reducing the amount of time your students have to lose focus. For more tips on using classroom management software to plan out your lesson plans, check out “How to Incorporate Classroom Management Software into Your Lesson Planning.” 

Get Started with Classroom Management Software 

If you think classroom management software is a good fit for you, you should give it a try. Netop Vision Classroom Management Software allows you to easily monitor and modify student activity on Chrome, Windows, and Mac. 

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