How to Keep Students Safe on Their 1:1 Devices

Posted by Amy Roberts on June 19, 2019 at 10:45 AM


As teachers and school administrators, you want to keep your students safe. When thinking about safety, you need to not only consider physical safety, but also need to consider the digital safety of your students.  While integrating technology into schools is great and enhances learning in so many ways, it can also increase the risk of danger to your students. Thankfully, there are ways you can keep your students safe without inhibiting their learning.

Talk to Your Students About the Dangers of Technology and the Internet

You can’t protect your students from the dangers of the internet and technology without being totally transparent with them. Discuss how things you post on the internet exist forever, how nothing is every fully deleted, and how things they post could get them in serious trouble. Talk to them about how to communicate properly through their devices and about the risks of cyberbullying. Don't forget to teach them about the dangers of using sources without properly citing them. 

Integrate a Classroom Management Software Program

One of the easiest ways to keep your students safe on their devices is to integrate a classroom management software system into your classroom. So, what exactly is classroom management software? It is a tool that allows you to monitor your students while they are using their devices. It also allows you to enhance your students' learning

See What Your Students Are Doing Real Time

One of the best ways to keep your students safe on their devices is monitoring what they are doing on their screens. With classroom management software like Netop Vision, you can see what your students are doing on their computers as they are doing it. If individual students are not being safe, you can push a message out to them asking them to redirect their activities. If all of your students are not using their devices correctly at the same time, you can pause all student’s screens and redirect them to you.

Filter Websites  

Another easy way to keep your students safe on their devices is to filter what websites the can or can’t use. With Vision, you can upload a list of approved sites that your students are allowed to visit. Any other web pages are off limits, and your students will not be able to access them. As the teacher, you can choose when you want to filter the websites for your students and when you don’t want to.

Start Protecting Your Students

If students in your classrooms are using 1:1 devices, it is your job to help keep them safe. By implementing a classroom management software system into your classroom, you will make your life easier. Netop offers a free trial to see if Vision is right for you.

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