How to Incorporate Classroom Management Software into Your Lesson Plans

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When you think of classroom management software, what do you typically think of? A way to monitor your students or maybe a way to block certain websites? While both of those are true, classroom management software can also be used to improve and make your lesson planning a little easier. By using tools that allow you to share your screen, push links, and send files to your students, you can make your lesson plans more effective. Let’s take a closer look and learn how.

What Types of Subjects Can Benefit from Classroom Management Software?

In a land where 1:1 computers in classrooms are becoming more prevalent every day, most subjects and teachers can benefit from incorporating classroom management software into their lesson plans. When students have their own devices with them in their classes, aspects of most lessons have the ability to become digital. Worksheets and files can be developed in e-versions, research is able to be done right then and there, and teachers are able to encourage students to take an active role in their own learning. From science to math and more, classroom management software will encourage students to use their devices correctly and help them stay engaged.

Reduce the Amount of Paper and Have Your Worksheets Delivered Electronically

With today’s green movement, people are encouraged to reduce the amount of paper they are using on a day to day basis, and teachers are not any different. So, what happens when you need to give worksheets, instructions, and documents to your students? The solution is pretty simple. Create your documents electronically and with classroom management software like Netop Vision, push your documents to all your students at once.

Keep Your Students on Certain Sites During Each Lesson

We all know that when students have access to technology that they get easily distracted. Social media, videos, and games are typically calling their names. But when you have a lesson planned ahead of time, you probably already know what sites your students can use to help enhance the lesson. Classroom management software can help keep your students on these sites and keep them off of the sites you don’t want them to. When using Netop Vision, create a web filter that is known as an allow list. This a list of sites you want your students to access. It can be created through a document and uploaded into the software. You can also push a document that shows which websites are available for use out to your students.

Pause Your Class When You Need to

In a lot of classes, students need check-in points with the teacher where they can redirect their attention and regain their focus. Most likely you already have the times planned out of when you are going to ask your students to bring their attention back to you. When you are ready to pause your class and have their attention redirected to you, pause all of your students’ screens. With a simple push of a button, you can stop all activity on your students’ devices at once. It sends a direct message to them communicating that they need to now be paying attention to you.  

Pulling it all Together

Being prepared and planned out makes everything easier. While it may take a little more time before class starts, having your lessons and classroom management strategy planned out ahead of time will save you time and loads of headaches during the actual class period. Have your documents, worksheets, and web filters cued out and ready to be pushed to your students. You will thank us in the long run ;)

Try Netop Vision

With Netop Vision, you can not only monitor what your students are doing on their devices but also make lesson planning and teaching easier. Don’t believe us? Give Netop Vision a try by downloading a free trial of the classroom management software.

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