How to Help Teachers Integrate Classroom Management Software into Their Classrooms

Posted by Amy Roberts on February 13, 2019 at 8:43 AM

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With the introduction of 1:1 computers in schools, classroom management software makes teachers lives easier. They are able to monitor students’ screens from their own personal computer, push links to their students’ computers, apply a web filter, and much more. Despite these benefits, teachers can still be a little bit apprehensive about adding more technology to their classrooms. With a little help, teachers can feel comfortable and will adapt to the new system in no time. Let’s go over how you can help ease the process for the teachers in your school.

Understand That Every Teacher is Different

In every school, there are teachers who are just starting their career, ending their career, and everything in between.  There are teachers who are totally comfortable with incorporating technology into their classrooms and some teachers who feel like you are speaking some kind of alien language to them. Realize that you are going to have to adapt for each teacher. They have different needs and will need your help in different ways.

Take it Slow

Introducing technology can be kind of daunting sometimes, so take it slow. Don’t introduce the technology all at once. Start by talking to the teachers as a group about the classroom management software that is coming. Talk to them about the features, listen to their concerns and address them. Make the talk fun. Bring some kind of treat that will make the teachers want to come and be present. Sweets always do the trick!

On a separate day, implement the software onto the teachers’ computers. Help the teachers get the software up and running on their computers and their student’s devices. Supply them with any resources that will help them troubleshoot any problems and that goes over the software in more detail. You can find Netop Vision resources here.

Check in with Your Teachers

Just because you have deployed the classroom management software to the teachers, doesn’t mean that teachers still won’t need your help. Make sure to check in with your teachers after they have been using to the software to see if they need any more help or have any questions/concerns. Just checking in with your teachers can make them feel a lot more comfortable. If your school is using Netop Vision and you or your teachers have questions about the software, feel free to reach out to us! 

Not Using Netop Vision Yet?

If you are not using Netop Vision yet, we encourage you to try it out! Implementing a classroom management software program  will help make monitoring students computers and adapting to individual students’ needs a lot easier for teachers.

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