How Classroom Technology Can Save Educators Time Before, During, and After Class

Ask any educator what they wish for more of. “Time” is bound to be one of their first answers. Between planning the lesson for the day, grading assignments, and instructing the class, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. Fortunately, classroom management software can help you not only corral all of the laptops, tablets, and devices in your classroom, but can also save you significant time so you can focus more on educating and less on providing tech support or trying to wrangle everyone’s attention. Here are a few ways you can save time with a dedicated classroom management platform. 

Boost Student Engagement

If students in the classroom are more engaged with the lesson, educators can spend less time redirecting attention or repeating themselves, and more time helping students and ensuring everyone understands the concept that is being taught. Classroom management software makes this possible through screen sharing and screen freezing features. For example, if a teacher wanted the class to pay full attention to a lesson at hand, they can either blank out their students’ screens or share the presentation directly to their devices so even the kids in the back of the room can see the presentation clearly.

Individual Attention at the Touch of a Button

Some students require more attention than others, and that's okay. Rather than scheduling meetings after class, with software for classroom management, educators can send private messages to students and provide additional help discreetly right from their device. This ensures that students fully understand the lesson plan and teachers stay in the loop and know where each student stands before the test. 

Limit Classroom Distractions

Although technology in the classroom can save you time, without a way to manage all of the internet-connected devices it can sometimes be a distraction for students. With effective classroom management software, educators can block certain websites unrelated to the current lesson, and if they feel that students are struggling to engage, they can freeze their screens. The best part is that with intuitive classroom management software, educators can block certain websites without interfering with the school’s internal system or getting the IT department involved.  

Power on, Log in, and Manage Updates Remotely

Without classroom management software, when a teacher comes into class for the day, they need to power on each device individually, and if the OS requires updates, manually managing and installing them can be time-intensive. But with the right software platform, such as Vision from Netop, teachers and IT professionals can sign into essential apps and even install updates all from one device. And with Vision Pro educators can even power on and off all devices. This can save tremendous amounts of time for educators so they can focus on engaging with their students and building the relationship rather than administrative tech duties. With the right software platform, anything is possible, and if managing your time in the classroom or keeping students engaged and attentive has become a challenge, discover how classroom management software can help.

About Netop

Netop is a company dedicated to driving results for businesses and educators through innovative software platforms and tech solutions. One of their signature tools, Vision, is a classroom management software platform that enables teachers to have more control over the devices in their classroom to help save them time, increase student engagement, and improve their visibility. It’s a simple, intuitive platform that connects over 6 million teachers and students worldwide. Vision is available in 13 languages and is compatible with Chrome OS and Windows systems.

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