How Classroom Management Software Makes a Teacher’s Life Easier

Posted by Amy Roberts on January 23, 2019 at 9:06 AM


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There is no doubt that a teacher’s day is extremely busy.  From teaching lessons, keeping kids on track, giving guidance, and a whole host of other activities, many teachers are feeling the time crunch. With the introduction of technology comes the benefit of innovation for students and sometimes the negative of extra work for teachers. As a teacher, you want your students to have access to computers to better their education, but in some cases, you might be worried about how you are going to monitor these devices while still teaching your classes. The solution? A classroom management system. Installing a classroom management system onto your student’s devices comes with a variety of benefits that will make your life easier. So what are they you might ask? Keep reading and we will be sure to fill you in. 

Monitor Your Student Screen

You want to monitor your students' screens right? But you probably don’t want to walk around the classroom peering over your students’ shoulders. You have better things to do with your time, like teaching your students the lesson that you planned for them. With classroom management software, you are able to monitor what your students are doing on their screen by viewing thumbnails of their screens on your own computer. You can even have students monitor each other by placing the thumbnails of the students' screens up on the classroom projector.

Filter the Sites Your Students Can Access 

We all know that if students have access to the internet, they are going to try and get on social media, play their video games, or watch videos. With a web filter, you can choose what sites your class is allowed to go and what sites they are not allowed to go to. It is an easy way to keep students on task!

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Share Your Own Screen and Push URL 

Do you have something you want to show all of your students but putting in on the projector doesn’t do it justice?  With classroom management software, you can push whatever you are viewing on your screen to your students’ screen. Need your students to go to a specific website? Simply push out the correct link to all of our students’ devices, and just like that, your students are ready to go. 

Adapt to Each Student's Needs

Classroom management software allows you to adapt to different students needs. Some students may need extra help and resources. You can push specific links out to these students only.  They also may need extra encouragement or prompting, which can be done by sending the students a private message.

Regain Students' Attention

Just like everyone else, students get distracted and lose focus. And teachers need ways to recapture attention and get everyone back on track. An easy way to do this is to use classroom management software to blank the students’ screens. It’s a visual cue that encourages the students to look up at the teacher.

About Netop Vision

Netop Vision Classroom Management Software allows you to easily monitor and modify student activity on Chrome, Windows, and Mac. Keep students on-task by viewing student activity in real-time and redirecting attention with one click. With six million users worldwide, Vision helps teachers enhance learning and keep students safe.

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