Fun Halloween Classroom Activities that Harness the Magic of Netop Vision

What if you could become a true wizard in the classroom this Halloween? Harness the power of magic with Netop Vision. Much like looking into a crystal ball, you'll see everything your students are doing in real-time and you can modify behavior with one click.

As a wizard, you can keep students on-task while creating a fun and challenging environment for students to showcase their creative skills with these Halloween activities:

  • Share scary stories - Suitable for Grades 3-5, this Adlib-writing activity requires a Microsoft Excel file template saved on a shared local network or Google Drive’s Spreadsheet.
    Magic trick: View Student Screen, Share Teacher’s Screen
  • Write humorous epitaphs - Teachers who include poetry writing in the curriculum find this activity useful to encourage writing and appreciate poetry. Humorous epitaphs need only two lines with certain rhythm. Let students experiment with words and show each other's work.
    Magic trick: Showcase Student
  • Dress up as their favorite historical figure and present some fun facts - Dressing up as a famous significant figure of the past is great way to learn about more than just monsters and ghouls this Halloween. Take Historical Figure Day, a celebration held by a middle school in Moorpark California as an example.
    Magic trick: Web Filter, Showcase Student, Remotely Launch Apps
  • Play trick or tweet-worthy online content - Learn more about how and why Halloween is celebrated through video clips, online games, articles and books. An album of Halloween images might just inspire your students to create better designs for their next art project.
    Magic trick: Annotate, Web Filter

Keep your students entertained, on-task, and safe with Vision.

For more magic tricks with Vision, check our most current tutorials for wizards.

Try Vision free and become a true wizard in the classroom this Halloween!

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