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Posted by Amy Roberts on May 8, 2020 at 12:07 PM

Online Educators Webinar

During the last few months, our educators and students have been thrown into a whole new type of learning environment. Instead of learning in the classroom, students are being required to learn from their own homes. Teachers can no longer teach their students in person and instead are having to learn how to teach their students virtually.

There is a good chance that remote learning will continue into fall. So not only are educators needing to face this new hurdle today, but they are also needing to make sure that they are prepared for teaching remotely in the fall.

As a service to the Vision community, we invited educators who teach online full-time to share their “secrets” for a successful situation. In this on-demand webinar, distance learning educators share how to build relationships with your students, keep your students engaged, set boundaries, provide safety and structure, and more.

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For more information on remote learning, check out 5 Ways That Classroom Management Software Can Be Used During Remote Learning and Resources for Distance Learning During COVID-19

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