Five things students do in the Chromebook classroom that you can’t see

Did you know that most classroom management software programs only detect student activity inside of the Chrome browser? This means that educators do not have a live view of all activity on the teacher's screen.

These five activities go completely undetected with most classroom monitoring solutions:

  • Watching videosChrome image cropped
  • Playing games
  • Opening Android apps
  • Splitting the screen
  • Opening Chrome apps

However, Netop Vision gives educators a real-time view of all activity, both inside and outside of the Chrome browser. Vision shows all inappropriate behavior so teachers can stop it with one click. Because social media can wait until class is over.

Netop Vision's mission is to make teachers lives easier when teaching with technology. More than six million teachers and students in 105 countries choose Vision to save time, enhance learning, and keep students safe. Learn more at:

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