Enhance Learning By Sharing Student Screens On All Devices

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By making student presentations a part of your lesson plan, you can keep top-performing students engaged in the content you are teaching, especially when they are ahead of their peers. Instead of having them wait until their classmates catch up, top performing students can share their screens with the class to demonstrate what they know, and in turn practice their leadership skills.

So how do you start this screen sharing process? By adding Netop Vision to your classroom and incentivizing your students. 

Incentivize the Entire Class to do a Great Job by Sharing Student Screens

  • Encourage students to take pride in their work as top performers share their work
  • Build classroom cohesion by providing tools that help students grow and help each other
  • Keep higher performing students engaged when they present to their peers
  • Provide a streamlined way for students to conduct class presentations

Educators call the shots on determining whose work to showcase. The teacher still has full control over the classroom and can stop screen sharing at any time. 

Get Started Screen Sharing

Step 1: In your Vision classroom, right-click the student whose screen you want to share with the entire class and click Showcase Student.

Showing Student Screens

TIP: You can also launch Showcase Student from the Ribbon Toolbar. On the Home tab, in the Presentation group, click Showcase Student and select the student from the drop-down menu.

Showing Students Screens 2


Step 2:  The selected student's screen is displayed on all classroom computers - including yours – and the keyboards and mouse pads of all other students are locked.

Showcasing a Student's Screen

TIP: If you would like to show the student screen in a window mode – which allows students to use their keyboards and mouse pads to work in parallel – use the Windowed command in the Demo button.

Demo Image


Step 3: Stop sharing the student's screen by closing the shared student window or click the Stop button in the toolbar.

Stopping Sharing Students Screens

Try Netop Vison for Free

If you are not quite ready to take the plunge and buy Netop Vision, you can try Netop Vision for FREE! Simply download your trial below. 

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