Common Misconceptions About Classroom Management Software

Posted by Amy Roberts on February 6, 2020 at 3:00 PM


We all know that changing things up in the classroom can be a little scary, however, being able to adapt to new teaching tools helps us give our students the best education possible. The process of integrating new tools into the classroom can be met with some hesitation because of misconceptions that people may have about that particular tool.

There are often misconceptions about classroom management software that can make some administrators a little apprehensive about adding it to the classroom. Let’s go over these misconceptions and why they are incorrect. 

Classroom Management Keeps Teachers From Teaching

Has anyone else heard someone say, “classroom management keeps teachers from teaching?” This statement is furthest from the truth. Classroom management software helps teachers focus on what they are supposed to be focusing on, their students. The tools in classroom management software allow teachers to not have to worry about looking over their students’ shoulders or needing a lot of time to direct students to the appropriate websites. You can keep your students on specific websites be creating a web filter and you can send them to the correct website by pushing a link.

Classroom Management Keeps Teachers Behind Their Desks

While you can monitor your students’ screens from your computer, the point isn’t to keep you sitting behind your desk. The tools in classroom management software are meant to empower you to be able to move around the classroom without having to micromanage your students’ technology use. Instead of constantly telling your students to stay focused on the assignment, let the web filter do that for you, and use that saved time to dive in and help your students move through their work.

Students Won’t Use Technology that Has Classroom Management Software on It

While students may be a little upset at first that there are rules for using their devices and that those rules are reinforced, they won’t refuse to use the technology. They love technology and it is so ingrained in their everyday lives, so they will get used to the fact that their school-provided devices have classroom management software on them.

Classroom Management Software is Hard to Learn

Maybe some classroom management software systems are hard to learn, but Vision is not. At Netop, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get Vision Software up and running. We offer resources that will get your school using classroom management software quickly and with ease.

Test Classroom Management Software Out for Yourself

While we can discuss misconceptions, the best proof comes from when you test out classroom management software for yourself. Netop offers a free trial of Vision. Follow the button below to get started!

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