Classroom Management Issues Related to Tech and How to Solve Them

Posted by Amy Roberts on August 19, 2019 at 11:09 AM


If you are teaching today’s students, you know they have a love for technology. They have grown up with it and it is ingrained in their everyday life. Technology is even making its way into the classroom and for good reason. When students have access to technology in the classroom, their learning opportunities increase. They have the world at their fingertips. They have more access to resources.

But kids are kids, and they are going to try and use technology for entertainment and fun. With this comes issues in managing your classroom and keeping your students on track. However, all of these issues can be combated with the help of classroom management software. Let’s take a look at the top classroom management issues related to technology and how they can be solved.

Not Paying Attention to the Teacher

Technology can be distracting for students. They can become focused on the technology and sometimes will tune out everything around them. With the help of classroom management software, teachers can regain their students' attention by locking their students' screens. When you block screens with Netop Vision, an image will pop asking students to refocus their attention.

Viewing Websites They Are Not Supposed To be On

We all have our favorite websites and students are no different. From Youtube to video games and more, students are going to try and gain access to their favorite sites. This can be a problem when you are wanting your students to be working. Thankfully, classroom management software lets you filter what websites your students are allowed to use. Another bonus of classroom management software is that you can push a link to students of what website they are supposed to be on and then lock them onto that website.

Not Working on Their Assignments

One of the biggest concerns that teachers have when giving students a device to use in class is that they are not going to be working on their assignments. This is a legit concern because some students do just want to play on their computers, however, classroom management software can help control this. Classroom management software lets you view what your students are doing on their devices. If your students are off task, you can simply redirect them by sending them a message asking them to get back to work. If they still are not working on their assignment, you can freeze their screen and have a personal conversation with them.

Fix Your Technology Related Classroom Management Issues

Your classroom management issues need to be nipped in the bud as quickly as possible. So, if your students are using school-provided computers while in class, it is time to get started with a classroom management software system. You can try out Netop Vision for free by following the button below.

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