Back to school checklist: kicking off the school year as a rookie teacher

Getting students ready for a new year of learning can be overwhelming, especially for rookie teachers. Here is a simple checklist of the basic must-haves:

Creativity - This is one of the key ways to engage your students daily. For the first month, try to get to know each of your students and introduce lessons in a way that they can relate to. Use funky images, real-life scenarios, popular educational videos or GIFs, colorful visuals, etc. A weekly classroom theme or 30-day project will also keep students interested.

School Supplies - Have you checked if you have enough books, papers, and art materials for your students? Organize your classroom supplies with labels and colors to ensure anything can be easily accessed when needed. Take inspiration from this article.

Tokens, activities, and snacks – Show appreciation for responsible students and supportive parents through a simple token system. Activities are important for student participation and collaboration. For snacks, bring in healthy ones for your students.

Classroom management - Aside from keeping files and materials in order, teaching in a classroom filled with computers can also be enhanced with a classroom management software that will help manage their performance and behavior, such as Netop Vision. This software helps teachers monitor and modify student activity - keeping students safe and on-task.

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