Anderson School District 5 - Technology in the Classroom: Empowering Teachers to Become Superheroes

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Empowering Teachers to become Superheros 
Teachers at Anderson School District 5 knew that some students were off-task when using Chromebooks. However, they couldn’t prove it and that was frustrating. Off-task students would often minimize their tabs or close out of programs when the teacher walked by – making it appear that they were on-task.

The district decided to invest in technology tools that empower teachers by providing a live view of all student Chromebook activity in real time. That way, teachers could easily see which students were working on their projects and which needed attention.


"Netop Vision came at a time when teachers didn't have a monitoring system for their students and it immediately answered the need," says Melanie Hahn, Digital Integration Specialist at Anderson School District 5. "It allowed teachers to help ensure their student's academic success by keeping them on-task, gave them options for delivering powerful content, and helped recognize students that were engaged as well," she adds.

Increasing student engagement 
“We were looking to increase engagement and collaboration while keeping students safe and on-task,” said Stewart Lee, Technology Integration Coordinator at Anderson School District 3 and former Digital Integration Specialist at Anderson School District 5. We chose Vision for its ability to monitor all activity – even games or apps outside of the Chrome browser. Once Vision was implemented, teachers were able to put a stop to inappropriate activity

“We didn’t want teachers to just sit at their desks and monitor screens. We wanted them to stay active in the classroom and Vision is perfect for that," says Stewart.


Implementing Chromebook monitoring
"Our District constantly looks for products and services that will ensure the success of our students and is willing to allow us to test pilot new products," says Melanie. "We were able to pilot Vision and when we saw the success, we pushed it out district-wide to 13,000+ total teachers and students," she adds.

Vision was perfect for our needs because it is designed to be used in the classroom only and we wanted a classroom-based control solution," says Melanie. In the past they had used another classroom monitoring solution that they didn’t like quite as well. "With the other solution, teachers were checking on their students who were currently in other teachers' classrooms during planning, and even monitoring students who were at home sick. We wanted and needed to avoid that if at all possible. Vision helped us do that because it only allows teachers to interact with students currently sitting in their classroom," she says.

SuperheroesAnderson 5 Digital Integration Specialists Team: Led by Anna Baldwin, eLearning Director  

Superhero powers used at Anderson School District 5:

  • Push URL - with one click lock students into one or multiple web browsers
    “We wanted teachers to be able to lock down websites for testing as well as monitor learning while maintaining a collaborative classroom,” says Stewart. With Push URL teachers are able to lock students into one or multiple web browsers for quizzes and tests. They also use this feature to push a link live to the entire class, saving time.
  • Blank student screens - redirect attention by blocking student Chromebook access 
    For class projects, students often work in small groups. Teachers are able to easily regain students’ attention by blanking their screens with one click, refocusing attention. “This feature, which is used judiciously, brings all of the attention back to the teacher,” says Melanie. 
  • Share screens  - with one click share the teacher's screen on all devices
    Teachers typically used Google Cast for sharing student presentations until one day it went down. They were still able to share student work via Vision’s share screen function. They now use it quite often for sharing and collaboration.
  • G Suite for Education integration - automatically import classroom rosters
    Anderson School District 5 needed
     a solution that fully integrated with Google Classroom. 
    With Vision, class rosters are automatically imported with no additional work for teachers or IT staff, saving time.
  • Complex training programs not required - activate most features with one click
    “Since the product is so easy to use, we didn’t need to develop or implement complex training programs,” says Stewart. They provided teacher training and created a few videos, but most teachers were able to start using the product with little or no training.

Watch Stewart's video to learn more, Giving Teachers control in the 1:1 Classroom with Netop Vision.

Anderson School District 5 in Anderson, SC implemented Vision in their elementary, middle and high schools. Today, more than 13,000 teachers and students use Vision.

Anderson 5 - pic with Stewart Lee and Melanie HahnStewart Lee, Technology Integration Coordinator, Anderson School District 3 & Former Digital Integration Specialist, Anderson School District 5

Stewart Lee worked at Anderson School District 5 as a Digital Integration Specialist leading training programs for teachers and ensuring the successful program implementation of Vision. A Google for Education trainer and former teacher, Stewart led training programs for Google applications, Kahoot, Quizzes, Microsoft Outlook and much more. He recently joined Anderson School District 3 as Technology Integration Coordinator - leading technology initiatives and training. Follow Stewart on Twitter @mrleeteaches.

Anderson 5 pic with Melanie HahnMelanie Hahn, Digital Integration Specialist, Anderson School District 5

Melanie Hahn, Digital Integration Specialist, led the effort to get Vision set up in their classrooms and works onsite providing training to the teachers as well as working with students. She is a Google Certified Trainer and loves showing teachers and students how technology can be an engaging, collaborative and vital part of preparing for their future. She believes Netop Vision helps teachers remain focused on the A5 Instructional Model of providing Innovative Instruction, being Learner-Centered, Growth Oriented and Standards Aligned.

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