A Gift Giving Guide for the Students In Your Life (That Isn't Classroom Management Software)

Posted by Amy Roberts on December 11, 2019 at 2:25 PM

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The holidays are upon us and thus so are all the marketing emails, social media posts, and ads that try to convince you to gift someone a company’s product for the holidays. While we think Vision is a great classroom management software solution that teachers and IT love, we aren’t here to try and convince you to buy Vision as a gift.

So, What Should We Give the Students in Our Lives?

We LOVE technology (heck we are a tech company…) but we also know that kids need a break from screen time. So instead of giving you a list of tech-related holiday gifts, we are going to give you some ideas that encourage students to enjoy the moment, be active, get outside, and continue to learn outside of the classroom. 


Gifting experiences to kids is one of the best things you can do. Toys may only last for a year or two, but memories last a whole lot longer. They help kids learn important lessons. Plus, if the kids are not yours, their parents will thank you for not adding to the toy clutter. So, what are some awesome “experiences” that you can give kids?

  • A pass to the zoo or museum
  • Movie tickets
  • Concert tickets
  • A day trip to their favorite place

Active Gifts 

We all know that is important for kids to get out and stretch their legs and imagination. Gifts that encourage kids to be active are sure to be a hit. We suggest things like:

  • Sports equipment
  • Kids activity club membership
  • Sports lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Climbing gym lessons

Gifts that Encourage Kids to Continue to Learn

Why wouldn’t you want to encourage kids to continue to learn? The holidays are a great time to encourage kids to dig into the things they are interested in rather than the material they have to learn. What are some great gifts for this? 

  • Gift cards to the local bookstore
  • Lessons or classes on whatever they are interested in
  • A magazine subscription on a topic they like
  • An activity book that encourages them to practice new skills

As for the classroom management software? That really is a gift to get yourself if you are a teacher or an IT professional. P.S. You can get yourself a free 30-day trial by following this link.

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