Checklist for Adding Classroom Management Software to Your Chromebook Classroom

Posted by Angie Amburgey on June 19, 2018 at 9:55 AM


Your district is adding new Chromebooks plus you're using G-Suite for Education. You love the functionality and ease of use, but teachers could use some extra assistance keeping students on-task while working with their Chromebooks. Here's a quick checklist to make sure you have the information you need to select a classroom management software solution that easily integrates with your existing systems, gives teachers the tools they need, and provides ROI for your district.

  • Built in Google integration - does it easily integrate?
    • Since you're using G-Suite for Education you'll want to select a system that has built-in integration. Chose a solution that allows you to integrate with your Google classroom rosters for automatic importing, saving time.
  • Ease of use - is there one-click functionality?
    • Choose a system that is easy to use. Ideally you'll want to select a simple interface that clearly shows key features making it easy for teachers to learn and use. One-click functionality saves teachers time and makes learning a new system less daunting, which helps improve overall usage rates. 
  • Monitoring functionality - can you see all activity?
    • Many classroom monitoring solutions only show activity inside the Chrome browser leaving other activities under the radar. Make sure the system you select provides teachers with a full view of all student activity so they can keep students on-task with less effort. This provides teachers the ability to see and stop inappropriate classroom activity when needed, like watching videos, playing games or downloading Android apps. You'll want to make sure teachers can see student screens in real time rather than snapshots and that they can see full activity rather than just the browser tabs. 
  • Affordability - is it reasonably priced so you can more easily capture ROI?
    • With the number of solutions available you'll find that some solutions are much higher priced than others. Software is often an ongoing annual expense so look for a solution that has the tools you need without breaking the bank.
  • Experience -- is the company a start-up or established?
    • New classroom management solutions are popping up every day. Consider an experienced vendor that has decades of experience. This provides you with a community of users to learn from and the peace of mind that the company is stable and has developed their products with real world customer input.
  • Evaluate - does the company offer a free trial?
    • Try out the software before purchasing to make sure it is good fit for your district or school. Many times schools will assign a group of teachers to evaluate the software before implementing. This ensures that teachers are able to try out the software and provide input on ease of use and functionality.

If you're ready to try out classroom monitoring tools consider a 30-day free trial of Netop Vision - the worldwide leader in classroom management software connecting more than six million teachers and students in 105 countries.

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