5 Ways to Recapture Classroom Time and Keep Students On-Task with Classroom Management Tools

Posted by Angie Amburgey on April 18, 2018 at 8:18 AM



Has your school gone 1:1 with Chromebooks or Windows devices? We've rounded up five tips to keep students on-task by using classroom management software to recapture classroom time.

1. Engage students by sharing your screen – create a collaborative classroom.  Share your screen on all student devices, creating a collaborative environment and facilitating learning by giving every student a front row view. No struggling to see the screen from the back row or for students with special needs. Plus, it eliminates the need for projectors or handouts – saving paper.


2. Block websites that detract from learning – keep students on-task. It’s time to put an end to YouTube in the classroom once and for all. And those distracting videos, apps and games? They’ve got to go. Create a list of approved websites for your class and apply the filter,  ending disruptions in your class. Manage websites on a class-by-class basis, providing additional controls beyond the school’s internet filter and keeping students safe.

3. Create a list of approved websites to accompany your lesson plan – focus students on learning. Use the technology in your classroom to improve class grades and overall learning. Create a list of approved websites for the day that complement your lesson plan and enhance learning, while blocking all others. When students try to go to an unapproved website they receive a blocked message and are redirected to the list you created.

4. Lock down student web access to one site only for testing – stop cheating in class. Prevent cheating during tests by locking down student web access to one site for testing. If students attempt to google answers or go to another website, they will be unsuccessful, plus you see their attempts from your desktop in real time. You can also detect if students try to pull up documents from their computer. For a closer look, zoom in on any screen for a live view.

5. Create various levels of learning connect with students without disrupting others. Customize student learning by discreetly assisting students who are struggling with the lesson or have special needs by sending them a private message. Redirect the classroom or notify individual students of an approaching deadline. Dismiss advanced students from class for independent learning or into another class.

You can do all of this, plus more, with classroom monitoring tools, like Netop Vision. Monitor your classroom and keep students' safe and focused on learning with a free 30 day trial

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Vision classroom management software helps millions of educators in 105 countries effectively teach with technology. Netop's classroom monitoring solution for Chromebooks received the Cool Tool Finalist Award, classroom management category, The 2018 EdTech Awards. 


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