5 Ways That Classroom Management Software Can Be Used During Distance Learning

Posted by Amy Roberts on April 22, 2020 at 11:14 AM

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How you manage your students and students’ devices is changing. In-person class time has morphed into distance learning. Most students are now doing all of their schoolwork on a laptop and class time has now become virtual. As a result, you have to figure out how to make sure your students are on task during the designated class time.

Managing your students in this new educational landscape can be difficult because you can’t be physically in the same room as your students. But thankfully with classroom management software, you can at least manage and monitor your students’ devices.

There are many different ways that classroom management software can be used during distance learning, but today we are going to go over the top 5 most beneficial ways you can start using classroom management software with distance learning.

1) Monitor Your Students Screens While Delivering Online Instruction

With remote learning, you can’t walk around the classroom and see what students are doing on their computers during class time. So how do you make sure your students are on task? You use classroom management software to monitor your students’ devices. Vision allows you to monitor your students’ devices in real-time. If you see them off task, you can redirect them easily through the send a message feature or by freezing their screens.

2)  Limit Students Browsing Capabilities

One of the biggest challenges that comes with having students use computers is that they browse websites that are not class material during class time. YouTube, online shopping, social media, and video games are just a few of the types of sites students may try to visit during class time. With classroom management software you can limit your students browsing capabilities with a web filter.

Vision uses a whitelist web filter. This type of web filter consists only of the websites students are allowed to use. It saves educators time because they don’t have to go put in all the websites they don’t want their students on.

3) Push Relevant Links Out to Your Students

We have all heard the excuse that “the link doesn’t work.” With Vision, you can push out relevant links to your students. They just have to click on them to take them to the website. It saves both you and your students time.

4) Demo Your Screen

When you and your students are not in your physical classroom you lose the benefits of having a whiteboard and projector. With classroom management software you can replace the act of using a whiteboard or projector with demoing your screen onto your students’ screens.

5) Pause Students Screens When They Are Not Paying Attention

Remote learning adds a new level of complexity when it comes to keeping your students engaged and paying attention to the lesson. There will probably be times when students are not paying attention to you teach and are instead doing other activities on their computers. With Vision, you can pause your students’ screens when they are not paying attention. Pausing your students' screens as well as a verbal redirection will help get your students back on task.

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