5 Tips That Will Help You Get Started With Distance Learning

Posted by Amy Roberts on April 15, 2020 at 1:00 PM


The educational landscape has changed because of COVID-19. Teachers are no longer able to teach their students in their classrooms and are having to switch to distance learning. It creates a stressful situation filled with uncertainty for everyone, however, because their students are needing to learn, educators are adapting. There is a lot to think about when switching from teaching in the classroom to teaching remotely, so we have put together these five tips to make adapting to the new educational space easier for educators.

1) Set Up an Office Space

One of the first things you can do to make teaching remotely an easier transition is to set up an office space in your home. Having a space that is designated for work will help you separate your workday from the rest of your day. It is easier to get into the groove of work if you feel like you are actually at work.

2) Have Grace

Going from in-person school to distance learning is a big transition for everyone. It is going to take time for both yourself and your students to get used to this new school setting. Having patience with yourself and with your students will make the whole process easier for everyone.

3) Get Used to Your Technology Tool Bet

Before the COVID outbreak started, you were probably using some technology in your classroom. Now that school has transformed into distance learning, you are adding more technology to your tool belt. Things like classroom management software, virtual meetings, online quizzes, and more are being thrown in your direction. Give yourself some time to get used to these pieces of technology and how they work. Once you are used to how the platforms work, you can start figuring out how to incorporate them into your classes and lessons.

4) Establish Ground Rules

Just because your students are now learning from home, doesn’t mean that ground rules go out the window. Things like staying on task, participating in the lesson, and turning in homework still need to happen. When class resumes again, even though it is remote, it is extremely important to let your students know these ground rules. Consistency is key.

Adding a classroom management software system to your students’ computers can help you back up your ground rules. Students will know that you can see what they are doing on their computers during class time and will be less likely to stray off task. You can try out Netop's classroom management software by following the button below. 

Try Vision 

5) Make Lessons Fun

Your students are probably missing interacting with their peers. Sitting in front of a computer all day can be boring and mind-numbing, so it is important to make lessons fun and interactive. Use things like google meets to host lessons so students can interact with you and each other. Encourage your students to collaborate with each other.

For more resources on distance learning, check out Resources for Distance Learning During COVID-19 and Vision for Chromebook Update Allows for Distance Learning

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