5 Tips for Keeping Your Students Focused During Distance Learning

Posted by Amy Roberts on September 2, 2020 at 9:24 AM

Student Focused

Keeping students focused during a typical classroom experience can be a struggle. Add distance learning to the mix and the opportunity for students to get distracted is even more prevalent. Hope is not lost though. 

Your students are most likely using technology during the distance learning process. This technology can be leveraged in a way that is helpful for keeping your students on-task during class time.

Check out the five easiest ways to keep your students focused during distance learning.

Set Clear Expectations

The first step for keeping your students focused during distance learning is to set clear expectations. On the first day of class, make sure that you clearly communicate what is expected of your students. Continue to reinforce your expectations throughout the term. Everyone needs reminders sometimes.

Choose What Your Students Access

With classroom management software, you are able to choose what your students’ access on the internet during class time. Use an allow list if you only want your students on a few different sites. Use a block list if you only want to block your students from viewing a few different sites.

Push a Link and Lock It

Sometimes you want your students on a specific site. Vision allows you to push a link to your students and lock them on that specific site. If your students navigate away from the website you have directed them to, Vision will redirect them back.

Send a Message

Send a message directly to a student if they are misbehaving. Let them know what the expectations are during class time and ask them to get back to work.

Freeze Screens

With Vision, you are able to freeze your students’ screens when they are off-task. If your students are being rowdy, simply freeze their screens and ask them to get back on task. Once you can tell that your students are back on task and paying attention, unfreeze their screens so they can get back to work.

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