5 Things Students are Doing on Their Devices During Remote Learning

Posted by Amy Roberts on June 10, 2020 at 3:55 PM

Student during remote learning

When you add technology to class time you can enhance your students’ learning experience, but at the same time, you are adding the possibilities for distraction to increase. Do you know what your students are doing on their computers during remote learning? Let’s take a look at the possibilities and a way to keep your students on task.

Browsing Other Websites

One of the most common things that students do on their computers while they are supposed to be participating in class is browsing other websites that have nothing to do with the lesson. From reading the newest thing in pop culture to doing unrelated searches, the opportunities are endless.

Looking at Social Media

It is the age of social media and a large number of students have social media accounts. While students may seem like they are paying attention to the lesson, there is a good chance that they are browsing their social media accounts at the same time.

Watching Videos

Videos are a way to pass time. Students sometimes stray to this during class time when they don’t want to pay attention or are bored. Your students might be watching silly little videos, watching a new tv show, or even a movie when they are supposed to be paying attention to you.

Playing Video Games

We all know that a lot of students love to play some kind of video game. When students are using their school providing devices they have easy access to their internet browser to play the game of their choosing.

Talking with Their Friends

Talking with their friends is a common way that students get distracted during class time. They might be chatting on social media or emailing during class time. Some students have even chatted through a shared google doc.

How to Keep Your Students on Track

Keeping your students on track while they are using their devices in the everyday physical classroom can be difficult. Add remote learning in and new challenges arise. When you add classroom management software to your tech toolbox, you can monitor and manage your students’ devices in real-time, even during remote learning. Vision includes helpful features such as:

  • Screen monitoring
  • Web Filter
  • Push a link
  • Send a message
  • Demo Teachers Screen
  • Blank Student Screens
  • Showcase Student Screens 

Try Vision 

To learn more about remote learning checking out Tips for Using Zoom During Remote Learning and How to Lend Extra Support with Classroom Management During Remote Learning

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