5 awesome teaching hacks with Chromebooks

Posted by Amy Roberts on September 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM



While Chromebooks make an excellent travel device, educators are also reaping their benefits in classrooms across the U.S. Start the new school year right with these five awesome teaching hacks for Chromebooks:

Increase productivity - Get more work done in less time with Google productivity tools. Find tips and tricks from other users by joining the Google+ Chromebook EDU Group.

Save your work in an instant - No need to worry about losing student presentation files or discussions. Unlike using local apps, these tools instantly save your work to Drive, which is cloud-based. Efficiency in teaching is what Chromebooks are all about.

Maximize storage space - Use a Google for Education account for your classes and you’ll get unlimited storage for your mailbox and Drive. This means more space for online homework, projects, and other student files.

Take note of accessibility features - Enhance the learning experience for students with visual disabilities with features under the advanced settings menu. Foreign language teachers will love the Chromebook feature that allows adding languages to the keyboard.

Install a classroom management software - Make the most out of the Chromebooks in your class by adding classroom management software so that you can monitor and modify activity in real time. Netop Vision is a cost effective solution that keeps students on-task and free from common distractions, plus it works seamlessly with Chrome OS and apps for Chromebook-based classrooms. 

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